website seo services title="" alt="" width="250" align="middle"/> Questions To Pose About Selecting Core Criteria For Lets take a look through a adwords help few specific examples of how you can combine link and crawl data. Using the Broken Pages With Backlinks Report you can find pages with backlinks that return 4xx or 5xx errors. You want to avoid having backlinks pointing to broken pages because this means any link equity gained from these links will be lost. Such instances will also result in poor user experience as visitors will land on a broken page rather than a relevant one. You can either look to restore the page to a 200 status or set up a 301 to redirect to another relevant First page google Guaranteed page. With the latter you will need adwords to make sure the redirected page makes sense in context of a user clicking on a link and landing on a relevant page. Non-indexable Pages with Backlinks is another key report, which will allow you to identify pages that return a 200 response but that arent indexable, which could be due to the page having a noindex tag or a canonical pointing to another page. A page with backlinks that isnt indexable in search engines can pass link equity to other pages, but this may be less effective than allowing the page to rank in search results. With these pages you will need to decide if you want that page and its content to be discoverable by search engines. If you do want the page to be indexed, then you will need to find out why the page isnt indexable and rectify this (e.g. removing the noindex tag or changing to a self-referencing canonical). For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit