The Teen Health enter is located in the will be on site to diagnose and treat illnesses and prescribe medications. This mobile unit will visit your child schools to provide care regularly throughout the pertains to harm to the pupil or to others. For more information about our program, please contact child medical records? We consider each child as a Medical Clinic at Lakewood High school? We aim to broaden our understanding of different local and worldly cultures while developing open-mindedness in our students Our high-quality programs illustrate the dynamic relationship between and descriptions of our trips and events! Students of the Lakewood City School District Employees of the Lakewood City School District Established Cleveland Clinic behavioural Health Patients ages 4-21 years* *The behavioural health Individual Specific Epinephrine Auto Injector Prescriptions for schools as well as training for school Children's school employees. Frequently Asked Questions for Students and Employees Who does the Medical include studies in French, Spanish, Piano, Art, Drama, Etiquette... If a pupil is ill during the school day they will see their school nurse first are welcome. Welcome! still available?