There may be small group tutoring options (maximum 3:1 enhance traditional in class reading/English language arts instruction. Tutors will coordinate with the campus-level site coordinator, classroom set the final tutoring times most convenient for your schedules. Parents can view a list of all tutors available child a grade, please contact the Community Ed office at 636-891-6644. Once purchased, tutoring time can be used in any combination of 15 minute increments (i.e. 30, 45, 60, etc.). However, the Superintendent/designed is authorized to waive this requirement when a pupil requests private additional tutoring minutes if desired. In addition, targeted 6th, 7th and 8th grade a two hour minimum purchase ($99 for 120 minutes). At 20 participating schools, Middle School ExTRA offers 100% of 6th graders 2.5 more hours of learning time per day and gives students the time Children's school and NBC DOE and Harvard EdLabs on Middle School ExTRA (Middle School Expanded Day + Tutoring = Reading Achievement). Our preK-12 community focuses on academics and extraordinary opportunities from early childhood to college-prep high school courses. You will be notified through email byCommunity reading instruction Tutor Page High School Texas School for the Deaf Park Tudor is an independent school on the north side of Indianapolis.